Xanax Overdose

Is it possible to have a xanax overdose?  What are some of the signs to look for?  What can be done to prevent it.

With xanax just like many other prescription medication comes the potential for abuse, addiction, and a possible xanax overdose.  Putting too much of anything into your body can lead to death.  In fact there have been people who have died from drinking too much water, so how dangerous is xanax, at what point does the potential for a xanax overdose arise?

Xanax, also known as alprazolam is a prescription medication that is used to treat anxiety and or panic disorders.  These are often described as the sudden onset of extreme panic, anxiety, or fear without reason.  Xanax works by preventing your brain from becoming overly excited and leaves the user feeling a sense of calmness when given the proper dosage.

Xanax, just like most other prescription medications comes minor possible side effects such as drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, tiredness and mood changes.  However when to start reaching the levels of a xanax overdose you risk some very serious side effects which include shortness of breath, hallucinations, thoughts of suicide and most importantly seizures.  Seizures can come not only from a xanax overdose but have also been seen in addicts.  Your body naturally produces GABA which helps prevent seizure, however after prolonged xanax use your body will stop producing this leaving you at risk for seizures.

When considering the risk of a xanax overdose other factors can come into play.  Many people who use the drug recreational often combine its use with alcohol or other drugs which is extremely dangerous.  When mixing xanax with alcohol there have been instances of death due to xanax overdose which combined with the alcohol resulted in respiratory depression and eventually death.  A xanax overdose can also result in central nervous system depression and even comas.

Recent studies show that while although a xanax overdose is not that uncommon among abusers it rarely results in death when using the drug alone.  An interesting fact is that over half of all death attributed to or partially artibuted to a xanax overdose were instances where the user was taking at least one other kind of drug, and most often cocaine or methadone and sometimes both.

Because of these dangers the government has been doing what it can to prevent xanax abuse and xanax overdoses. The drug is tightly regulated and you must have a prescription from a doctor in order to legally have or take the medication.  There have also been instances of “doctor shopping” where addicts and people who should not be taking the drug go from doctor to doctor until they find one that will prescribe it to them.  Also once they find a doctor who is willing to write a prescription for them they will often notify other recreational users of the drug who will then go to see the same doctor to get a prescription on there own.  However because of the danger of a xanax overdose or overdose from other prescription drugs, doctors are now being watched more closely.  Doctors have been put on trial for manslaughter and recently even murder because of their negligence when prescribing the drug that eventually led to the deaths of their patients.

This crackdown in the US market has helped reduce the number deaths from xanax overdose, but has also opened up a foreign market for the drug.  Addicts and recreational users are now searching for online stores overseas that are willing to ship to them.  However a lot of the time these drugs that are being shipped over are counterfeit and not regulated at all.  The end user has no idea what the actual pills contain and risk not only a xanax overdose but serious health effects from what ever else is in the pills that they are taking.

If you are a legal prescribed user there are a few things you can do to help prevent yourself from having a xanax overdose and also from becoming an addict.  Try to stay away from doses that are 4mg or higher, also if you have been taking xanax for a long time do not stop taking it instantly.  Instead taper off the amount you take each day and spread it out over a week or two if needed.  Always keep in mind that the risks of a xanax overdose are real.


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